Strategic Planning

“Strategic planning is worthless—unless there is first a strategic vision.”
– John Naisbitt

strategic planningBusinesses today are dealing with ever increasing turbulence and uncertainty. Knowing where they want to go—engaging everyone in the organization to care about where they are going and aligning all aspects of the business to achieve a strategic vision is often a difficult and burdensome prospect for business leaders. However, a meaningful, well prepared, relevant Strategic Plan can transform an organization and bring excitement, focus, and unity of purpose—no matter the size or business.

We bring a unique approach to Strategic Planning, providing your team—or just you—a simple and effective framework for the preparation of a plan that will not just gather dust or be something your people have only just heard about. It will transform your business as your people align under a common purpose. Together we will listen to and learn from your stakeholders—employees, investors, customers, suppliers, your board—connecting them as part of a plan to take your business to the next level.

How might a Strategic Plan help you? Are you satisfied that you are optimizing all of the following?

  • strategic planMarket share gains and customer loyalty
  • Business plan execution
  • Margins and profits
  • Creative force of your team
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales force efforts
  • Employees’ time and talents
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Brand recognition and marketing opportunities
  • Social media

If not, we can help.

Christensen Business Advisory works with your organization, taking it through the process of Strategic Planning to develop the clarity and measurable steps needed to take the business to the next level.

You may find that elements of our Leadership and Coaching processes can also be instrumental in helping your organization achieve its goals.

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you get there?